FStop.fm Interview

So, I have let the blog languish in silence during the last few months.  Life has gotten extremely busy, I traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as moving back to the States from Korea.  So hopefully, its time for some new adventures along the way.

One of this things that happened was an interview for Fstop, a new Tinder like service for Photographers and those other creatives that would like to colaborate.  You sign up for the service, complete you profile, and basically swipe through models, photographers, and other creatives telling them your open to collaboration or not.  Its really kind of neat, and hopefully, as it enters public beta it will grow exponentially.

Look for some posts down the road about my travels in SE Asia and back to the states.  However, until then, here is the link to that interview: Wanderlust


Another Star Wars Post

So, there is a lot of Star Wars stuff out there right now, so I figured I would add my own. I have a small personal project I do when I get some downtime bringing the Star Wars Universe into ours. Its kind of my way to bring the world I imagined as a child into the world I live in as an adult. Here are a few of the images from the project.

I am considering adding a gallery to the site for this project, although I am not sure there is enough there to warrant it yet.

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Around Seoul

So last weekend, before the cold snap and the snow, I went to Seoul to see the Lantern Festival. As usual, I spent most of the day on a marathon 10+ mile (16+ km) hike around the city.  I ended up seeing two palaces, Insadong, Myeong Dong, Namdaemun (again), and various other places.  There is always something new to see of do here, and now that the snow has fallen, it time to go see them all again.

Here is a small sampling of the photos from the days travels.

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Gakwonsa Temple

Wow, its been almost a month! Things have certainly flown by.  Its getting quite a bit colder here, and I presume the snow will start soon enough.

Gakwonsa Buddhist Temple, Cheonan, South Korea
Gakwonsa Buddhist Temple, Cheonan, South Korea

A couple of weeks ago, just as the leaves started turning I took a trip out to Cheonan and Gakwonsa Temple.  The big draw at the temple being the 25 meter (75 foot) tall Buddha Amita-Bul located on the grounds.  However, the whole temple is gorgeous, peaceful, and quiet, especially as the last light of the sun strikes it.  The temple is nestled in the side of a hill and the Buddha is perched on top of the hill above the temple itself.  There are a few trails into the mountains and its well worth a couple of hours to explore and enjoy the peacefulness of the grounds.

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Two Boys in Traditional Dress

I decided to wander around Suwon yesterday and go to the Hwaseong Fortress. Little did I know it was the 52d Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival.  I literally just stumbled into it, but it was certainly something to see.  It seemed to stretch most of the fortress, down into the Jindong Market and up Suwon’s “Chicken Street.”  At some point, I saw these two boys wandering around in traditional dress and I had to capture the moment.

I have this little script I came up with in Hangul, and I used it yesterday for the first time in an environmental portrait.  It worked!  I was actually pretty stoked.  Koreans are in general a very warm and much more open people than others I have encountered.  Here is the script and the image:

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Seoul Tower

So I found myself exploring the back streets around Itaewon a few days ago.  As I was walking down Itaewon-ro looking for a place to eat, I saw some stairs leading up away from the road. I figured it might be worth a look for some nice cityscapes.  Little did I know that two hours later I would have walked all the way straight up the side of a mountain, along winding paths, to find myself at Seoul Tower.  It was quite the hike!

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